Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School

Respect and Courtesy

Community-School Partnerships

Annual Partnerships

The ALHCS is honoured to collaborate with public and private organizations and individuals. It is such partnerships which help to keep the school vibrant and successful.

Our major school events are mainly sponsored from without the school. These sponsors are indeed a pillar in our school. Additionally, other external stakeholders volunteer to give guest lectures, accommodate class trips, discount goods and services, offer training and development, donate resources, provide counsel and support.

The presence of and participation at our events is the hallmark of our community partners.

New Partnerships

There are always fresh avenues for teaming up with the ALHCS. Currently, sponsorship is being sought for two important events at our school.

Firstly, the Honour Roll Cocktail, an annual celebration of our students who make the Honour Roll List and for those who excel in sports.

Secondly, the Speech Night Awards, these are educational vouchers given to outstanding students.

Please do contact Principal, Rita Carty at rita.celestine-carty@doe.edu.ai if you wish to discuss further.


Coming Soon!

Contact Avenella Griffith at avenella.griffith@doe.edu.ai to offer assistance and support.

Speech Night Reports

It is important to provide our stakeholders with a report of each school year. This in depth report is presented by the Principal each Speech Night in December, thus the name ‘Speech Night Report’.




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